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Susan celebrates a story that many have never heard before. It’s a story so important and enriching that it transports its listeners through time, and they are awakened by “a voice of lyrical purity and a heart of graceful nuance and respect” for the very people she sings about.
Jon Carroll, Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter and producer of Susan’s CD, “From Her Nona’s Drawer”.

“Susan has a way of transporting people to a deep, spiritual place. She possess a unique gift and she shares that gift magnificently.”
Rabbi Sid Schwarz, Author and Founding Rabbi of Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation (Bethesda, MD)

“Words cannot express the depth of our gratitude for your magical and moving performance. Your music and stories filled our hearts with joy, laughter, and longing. Your exquisite voice transported us to a different time and place, when music was a central repository of collective memory. The audience’s experience was enriched by both your palpable love for the music and the grace with which you offered it to us”.
Shira Lander, Director of Religious Studies, SMU


Susan was selected as one of the top five best voices in Jewish music in the “Soundtrack of our Spirit, Jewish Voices that Move Us“, a digital project of the Forward.